Some very rare endemic species still live in the forests and the isle around the island. Among the most common ones we find the kestrel predator bird, the green parakeet and the pink pigeon.

The Dodo is the emblematic animal of Mauritius, sadly an extinct species. It used to be a huge bird weighing about 25 kg, which disappeared at the end of the 17th Century, being hunted by man and some animals introduced that he introduced into the island.

Throughout the succesive colonial periods, Mauritius has preserved monkeys, the deer and the wild boar that had been introduced by the Portuguese and the Dutch in the 17th Century. The mongoose and tortoises brought by the English are still present on the island.
The Dodo Bird Mauritius
java deer mauritius
macaque monkey mauritius
Among the indigenous and exotic animals we have birds like the “Boulboul” known as the “Condé”, the “tisserin” commonly called as “ Canary” due to its yellow colour, the cardinal from Madagascar, the Turtledove, the “Martin” and also the “Paille en queue”. The only indigenous mammals are the bats which are frugivores(fruit eating) and insectivorous. While for the reptiles, we come across inescapable Mauritian gecko, a small emerald green lizard which is well known in the tropics, the chameleon and other numerous species of lizards.
gecko lizards mauritius
Even if on the Mauritian soil the fauna is not that diversified, the sea bed offers an extravagant sight: fishes, corals, (nudibranches), octopus… the dolphins can often be seen in the sea near Tamarin and Flic-en-Flac. In the open sea, encounters with sharks, whales and the sperm whales as well as the “Daurades” are a pure moment of amazement, the swordfish and marlins make the sheer joy of big game fishermen!