The Mauritian Economy has been constantly changing and growing during the last decades. Dominated since long by the monoculture of sugarcane, then by the textile industry, the Mauritian Economy now positions itself towards boosting sectors such as tourism, new technologies, the finances or even residential investments.
With preferential tariffs of sugar sold to Europe coming to an end, the restructuring of the sugar sector has enabled Mauritian sugar industry to switch from the exportation of raw sugar to the exporatation of refined sugar and other value added products derived from sugar cane like rum, special sugars, ethanol including the production of electricity by burning the remnants of cane fibres also called “bagasse”.

The tourism sector of Mauritius has attained a high level of excellence, has acquired international fame and has generated a large supply of foreign currency along with the creation of jobs in relation to the tourism industry.

The construction of luxurious villas has initiated a new important economic development in terms of foreign investments and the creation of jobs. Particularly concerned with the ecological and environmental impact brought about by the springing of new infrastructures, the government has engaged itself in the project “Maurice Ile Durable”, a long term and ambitious project to integrate ecologically sustained development in all sectors of the Mauritian economy.